Faith @ Home

Stay tuned this week to see more ideas of how we can encourage one another in our faith journey during this period of social distancing!

Youth Ministry at Home Lesson

Some questions to consider:

  1. The shortest verse in the Bible is found in this week's Gospel lesson and it is simply this, "Jesus Wept." When you think of this verse, what comes to mind?
  2. What does this reveal to us about Jesus, knowing that he wept with his friends?
  3. This song by Rend Collective was written a few years ago when the world was reeling from the Manchester Arena bombing. In the midst of grief, they wrote this lament to God. Considering all the things happening in the world today, what might you include in a lament to God right now?
  4. What comfort comes knowing that God not only hears, but feels the depth of your emotion?


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