High School Youth Nights

2nd & 4th Sundays | 6-7pm

Join us for an evening of snacks, games & God's Word. This month we are exploring what it means to be TOGETHER as God's people.

High School Sunday Serve

3rd Sundays | 1-2pm

These afternoons are designed to be a time of service to our community and church. This month we will be assembling special thank you boxes for teachers.

Middle School Event

1st Sundays | 1-3pm

Keep an eye open for more information about Events for 6th-8th grade students each month. We hope you'll join us!


Youth Ministry at Home Lesson

“Jesus said to them, 'Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor.'”

- Mark 6:4


Usually when we talk about prophets, we think of people in the Old Testament who would preach the fiery message of God to others and hope for their repentance. We think of names like Elijah, Amos, Jonah, Micah, Zachariah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah. We usually don't think of a prophet named Martin.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a modern day prophet. He, like the other prophets saw the world as it was, and then God gave him a vision of how it could be. Not only did God give him a vision, God gave him a fire that could not be quenched until his work was done. Dr. King drew his inspiration from many of these prophets, quoting them often in his sermons and speeches. But just as Jesus said, it's very difficult for a prophet to be respected in his own land. Being a prophet for God isn't easy; your life is always on the line, and sometimes it's with your life that you pay the ultimate cost. Dr. King looked at the world and believed that God had a different plan for it and he told the world that plan. Some despised him, while others cheered him on. One may even despised this message of hope and equality so much that he killed this amazing man of God.

On this day that celebrates his birthday, it's important to remember that God doesn't only call prophets to see the world as it could be and work for that change. God calls you and I to do that too. Do not let the memories of these incredible prophets become faded visions lost in statues and paintings. Let their prophetic spirit come alive in you. Go and speak truth in love and help this world take one step closer to the reality that God envisions for all of us.

Close in Prayer

Father God, as we remember and celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. help us to remember that you have called us to speak the truth in love as we stand up to injustices in our world. Stir in us a lifelong desire to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with you each day. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen!


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