Immanuel has a Comprehensive, Rewarding, & Fulfilling Music Program

Here at Immanuel, we not only value and teach the language of music, we value and pursue an even greater calling — to serve and worship our God.  All of us — teachers, parents, and students alike — have been called to use our talents and to use them in a way that brings honor and glory to God.

And while we may not offer instruction on the harp or the ram’s horn, each of our musical ensembles and every one of our groups’ directors share five goals, which form the heart of Immanuel’s music program. The shared goals of the musical ensembles here at Immanuel are:

  • to bring glory and honor to God
  • to help each child discover and maximize his/her God-given musical talents
  • to develop ensembles that will enrich the educational experience
  • to strive for excellence within each musical group
  • to create an environment within each group that encourages creativity, cooperation, and a commitment for work

**In this pandemic time, things with music groups are different--to be sure...but directors are working diligently to develop a plan for our chorus, bell and band musicians’ safe return to music making.  In keeping with caution and due diligence, we feel a staggered entrance for groups to return to rehearsals is best.  Individual group directors will share details regarding rehearsal location, specific safety measures, rehearsal schedules and plans for performances via newsletter and notes sent home to families.

Planned starting dates as of 10/1/20:


  • Gr. 7-8 Chancel Ringers will begin their season with rehearsal on October 7th.  Chancel Ringer rehearsals will be held at 7:30 a.m. each Wednesday morning school is in session.


  • Gr. 5-8 School Chorus will begin their music making with a rehearsal on October 8th.  Chorus rehearsals will be held at 7:30 a.m. each Thursday morning school is in session.


  • The start of Immanuel’s Band activities (including lessons, Concert Band rehearsals and Cadet Band) will be after the bell and chorus seasons are underway.  Mr. Gade will communicate this information and details.  Contact him at with questions.


  • FYI, gr. 5-6 Chancel Chime musicians usually begin their season with 7:30 rehearsals on Fridays in mid-January of the new year.  Fifth and sixth grade families can expect their students will hear information about Chancel Chime music making in early 2021.

Our Commitment to You

As directors of the musical ensembles here at Immanuel, we promise not only to strive to meet the goals listed above, but also to be fair in our treatment of each student within each of the ensembles. Students who participate in music ensembles are asked to put forth their best efforts and be faithful in both rehearsal and performance participation. Click on the link below to access the Attendance Policy and Covenant for Music Ensembles (band, chorus, and bell/chimes) which is to be signed at the beginning of each school year by the participating student musician and a parent.




vocal ensembles

Vocal Ensembles

Participating in a vocal ensemble is an exciting and fulfilling musical experience. Working together, those who enjoy singing can blend their voices to make music that touches the listener in the way that the spoken word only rarely can. Here at Immanuel Lutheran School, students have the opportunity to participate in various vocal groups, which are described below.

PK and Kindergarten Class Choirs

Students in these classes have a natural love for music and singing — which can be heard as part of their daily activities. Students participate in music activities during regular classes and also have the opportunity to sing songs of praise to their Lord during chapel and worship services at Immanuel.


Lower Grade Choirs

All students in Grades 1 through 4 participate in a choir class as part of their regular music instruction at Immanuel. Through the singing of fun-filled vocal warmups, folk songs, hymns, song/movement videos, praise songs and more, students learn the fundamentals of singing. Students in Grades 1-2 and 3-4 have the opportunity to share prepared songs by singing praises to our Lord when their group participates periodically in weekend worship services at Immanuel. Students in the 3rd and 4th Grade Choir also perform several selections at the Spring Concert each May, which gives students an opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned in choir class throughout the year. Recent selections include “John Had Great Big Waterproof Boots On!”, “It’s in My Desk”, “Happy” and “The Friday Song”– a real favorite that is requested over and over again each year.


Chancel Choir

**FYI, the 2020-21 Chorus performance schedule is "on hold" for the time being due to many COVID19 changes.  Rehearsals will begin on Thursday, October 8th (participants are required to be masked and follow all school safety requirements). Stay tuned for further information...

Download the CHORUS SCHEDULE 2019-20

This extra-curricular group brings together the voices of interested students in grades 5-8. Its purpose is to praise the Lord through song and further develop the musical talents He has given us. Students are expected to make a commitment to attend practices and performances as scheduled.  Their regular schedule finds them meeting for rehearsals on Thursday mornings at 7:30 a.m. from August through May in the church music room located in the lower level of the church building. The group is led by Mrs. Cena Becker, Immanuel’s energetic 8th grade teacher, an experienced musician who truly enjoys working with students to help them use their voices to fullest potential. Mrs. Kris Bartelt, Immanuel’s music teacher, serves as the group’s accompanist and assists Mrs. Becker with this group. The Chancel Choir, sometimes also referred to as the School Chorus, typically performs at three concerts during the school year — the Winter Concert, Fine Arts Preview Concert, and the Spring Concert. In addition, the group sings special selections at various church worship services at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Immanuel’s Chancel Choir also prepares music for and participates as a group in the Fine Arts Festival in April each year. Many of the Chancel Choir members participate in vocal ensembles and/or prepare solos for a spring Fine Arts Festival as well.


HANDBELL ensembles

Handbell Ensembles

Being part of a handbell group is a terrific learning experience which is both challenging and fun! Each student is assigned to play several bells from the musical scale (for example, C and D) and rings a bell each time he/she sees the note representing that bell written on the page of music. Together, the choir of bell ringers makes beautiful music together–but it requires a great deal of teamwork and concentration. It can be said that being part of a bell choir is an experience that is both rewarding and unique at the same time. Here at Immanuel Lutheran School, our older students have the opportunity to participate in several handbell ensembles.

Chancel Ringers

This group typically includes students in grades 7-8. They meet for rehearsals on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 a.m. in the church balcony from September through May. The group is led by Mrs. Shelly Pieper, an excellent teacher and musician with a wide variety of musical experiences and interests. The Chancel Ringers usually perform at three concerts throughout the school year — Winter Concert, Fine Arts Preview Concert, and the Spring Concert. They also provide special music for various worship services at Immanuel Lutheran Church and participate in the Fine Arts Festival, a day-long event in the spring during which Immanuel students make music with students from a variety of other Chicago-area Lutheran Schools.

**FYI, the 2020-21 Chancel Ringer performance schedule is "on hold" for the time being due to many COVID19 changes.  Rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, October 7th (participants are required to be masked and follow all school day safety requirements). Stay tuned for further information...

Download CHANCEL RINGERS 2019-2020 Schedule

Chancel Chimes

This group typically includes students in grades 5 and 6, and begins at the start of the second semester each January. Students use both handbells and handchimes to create their music. They typically meet for rehearsals on Friday mornings at 7:30 a.m. in the church balcony from January through May. This group is also directed by Mrs. Shelly Pieper. The Chancel Chimes are normally scheduled to perform in at least one concert each school year (the Spring Concert in May), as well as during several worship services at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

**FYI, the 2020-21 Chancel Chimes performance schedule is "on hold" for the time being due to many COVID19 changes.  Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled to begin in January of 2021.  Stay tuned for further information...

Download CHANCEL CHIMES 2019-2020 Schedule


BAND ensembles

Immanuel offers a variety of band opportunities. For the cost/tuition to participate in band, please contact the band director Mr. Bill Gade, who is Immanuel’s Music Director.

Concert Band

**FYI, the 2020-21 Band season is "on hold" for the time being due to many COVID19 changes and safety requirements.  Mr. Bill Gade, director, will communicate start dates and procedures to interested band students some time after seasons for handbell and chorus groups have begun.  Contact him at with any questions.

Stay tuned for further information...

Our Concert Band for grades 5th through 8th performs three concerts — Winter, Fine Arts Preview, and Spring; performs potentially at one or two Immanuel Church services; and participates in the Fine Arts Festival hosted at Immanuel in early spring.

Concert band meets during the school year for rehearsals Tuesday mornings at 7:30 a.m.



Intermediate Band

Our Intermediate Band is for students in 5th and 6th grade and typically performs at the Winter concert. Rehearsals are held September through January on Mondays at 7:30 a.m. Notification from the director will be sent home the week before any schedule changes occur. Most of the students in Intermediate Band are also in Concert Band. (See band information download sheet in concert band section.)

Cadet Band

Our Cadet Band for beginning students, usually 5th graders, performs first at a mini-concert in March or April, and then at the spring concert. Rehearsals are held February through May on Mondays at 7:30 a.m. Notification from the director will be sent home the week before any schedule changes occur.


Upper Grade Musical

Back in November of 2019 Immanuel's 5th-8th graders performed of "Into the Woods, Jr.".  We had a wonderful time sharing this story of some familiar fairy tale characters whose stories came together as they went into the woods.  It was great show that showcased the talents of a wide variety of students, who participated by acting, singing, dancing, managing stage and props, serving on sound and spotlight crew, and more.  We praise God for blessing us with this opportunity to work together to create something that went BEYOND expectations!


Lower Grade Musical

We are hopeful that students of this age group will be able to present an operetta on April 29-30 of 2021 (Thursday and Friday evenings).

Students in grades 1-4 performed their last group musical in May of 2019.  It was thrilling to see them share the story of “Everyday Heroes” as the kids led us on a journey into the pages of the Old Testament to discover how Gideon, Esther and Nehemiah following God’s leading and direction helped to rescue the Lord’s children from danger and disaster.  The students were joined by Joy Man at the end of the show to remind all of us that Jesus lives in our hearts and we get to share His joy with others because the Lord still uses ordinary people like you and me to do extraordinary things.

Preschool Program

Each year, Immanuel’s PK students perform a special program featuring their singing,  dancing, new knowledge and smiles that receives rave reviews from parents, grandparents and friends. This school year's special performance is planned for 2pm on Sunday, April 18th. Thanks to our teachers and classroom aides who work so diligently to help these little ones shine and share what they’re learning!

The Kindergarten Showcase

Throughout the school year kindergarten students learn songs, actions and more to share at their annual Kindergarten Showcase, scheduled  for Friday, May 7th.  They'll be singing, learning and smiling throughout the months of this school year to get ready for this special performance for family and friends.

Curious as to what they'll be sharing?  In past performances students have delightfully recounted much of what they had learned including the days of the week, the months and seasons of the year along with counting to a 100 by fives.  At their showcase they included favorites such as “Albuquerque Turkey”, and “Pizza Hut”.  What a joy it's been to watch those little ones sing, dance, tell jokes (“What is a race car driver’s favorite day of the year? April Fuels Day!”), and share their newly learned skills.  We say great job, students–and thanks to Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Holquist for your wonderful leadership!  We love to see how you have “grown up” as you progressed through the months of kindergarten.



In "regular" years, Immanuel music students participate with many other Lutheran school students in this festival at Trinity, Roselle. The music-filled day begins early in the morning and culminates in a grand 7:00 p.m. evening concert featuring performances by the mass bells, mass band, mass choir, and selected student entries from participating schools. What a wonderful opportunity this is for our students to grow in their musical abilities and experiences! Keep your ears open for updates about information concerning whether a festival in the spring of 2021 will be possible. For more information about what's happened in past years, you can download this 2020 FAQ’s document.