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Meet Mrs. Dougherty

1st Grade Teacher/Admissions Director

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Greetings! Mrs. Dougherty is my name and learning is my game! I have been a lifelong lover of anything to do with school. Growing up I attended Immanuel Lutheran School in East Dundee. I continued my high school journey in the Dundee Community. My Immanuel roots, led me to many amazing opportunities in sports, academics, drama and many clubs and organizations throughout my life. I attended Eastern Illinois University and graduated with my Elementary Education degree. I went on to complete my Masters in Early Childhood Education Leadership and Advocacy. I also received my Colloquy and subsequent certification in Early Childhood. My learning never stops. I share that with my family, my students and their families. I can’t wait to share some learning and fun with you:)

Classroom Overview

Welcome to ONEderful 1st Grade! Together we will be exploring God’s World and all He has given us. We learn, play and grow as children of the Heavenly Father!

1st Graders will show exactly how what they are learning can be used in the real world.  Through hands – on learning, 1st Graders will actively create something, whether an essay, story, piece of art, construction project or something else all throughout the year.  This is something REAL!

Current Notes from the Teacher

Every Student is essential in our Immanuel 1st Grade Family.  Please let me know if you have any comments, concerns or prayer requests.

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1st Grade Brochure

1st schedule

First Grade Photo Gallery

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