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Meet Mrs. DeMarsh

PK4 and More Teacher

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My name is Mrs. Amanda DeMarsh.  I am a lifelong member of Immanuel.  I graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelor’s  in Elementary Education.  Currently I reside in West Dundee with my husband and two sons.  At Immanuel’s Preschool, I teach Fun, Friends, and Faith, PK3, and PK4.  I am so proud to be a part of Immanuel’s amazing Preschool Program!  It has been a true joy to teach preschoolers, and I love instilling in little ones a love for Jesus.

Classroom Overview

Immanuel’s preschool utilizes a pre-kindergarten curriculum throughout PK3 and PK4, with a concentration on readiness skills such as fine motor and gross motor skills, print awareness, phonics and math awareness. Daily activities include manipulatives, arts and crafts, circle time, free play, snack and table time.

Current Notes from the Teacher

Our PK4 philosophy is to teach from the same curriculum while using our own teaching gifts to provide a unique classroom experience.  We work together daily to make sure each child is immersed in our amazing PK4 program.

This year again we are excited to offer 3 different PK4 & More classes for your child!  Currently, our classes being offered will follow our Letter People curriculum while enriching student’s learning experience in all subject matters. Classes available are Monday/Tuesday/Thursday mornings from 8:30-11 OR Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings from 8:30-11.  We are excited to have 2 classrooms available this school year for our PK4 5 day program.  This class is offered Monday-Friday from 8:30-11.  Another new addition to our PK4 program…Afternoon classes are available on Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays from 12:30-3 pm as a multi-age classroom experience with 3 and 4 year olds.  Check out our preschool pages for information regarding these program.

Helpful Links & Resources from the Teacher

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