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Music and Choir Teacher, Asst. Music Director

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My name is Mrs. Kris Bartelt.  I love sharing God’s gift of music with the children and adults at Immanuel! In addition to teaching general music classes, I am also blessed to work with children’s and adult choirs and musicals, plan for/play organ and piano/sing at church worship services, make music with handbell ringers and other instrumentalists and vocalists.

When not tending to my Immanuel responsibilities, I enjoy spending time with my husband and family (especially when my little grandson and his parents visit!) walking our dog Simon, reading, working in my yard, and eating dark chocolate.

Music Classroom Overview

Immanuel students have many opportunities to learn about, experience and create music during general music and classroom choir times each week. As “The Music Lady” I strive to immerse students in “all things music” through curriculum related activities such as: movement, playing instruments, singing, dancing, listening, studying, creating, interpreting, and the like. Together, the students and I  have much fun and make “joyful noises” as we learn about God’s world through His gift of music. It is my goal for students to experience a wide variety of musical styles, techniques, history, and more–that will provide a solid foundation for whatever their music future holds. In addition, as a teacher in a Christian school that is part of our church’s ministry, I have the joy of teaching children about worshiping our Lord through music, and intentionally teach and utilize hymns and songs that are a part of Immanuel’s corporate worship services. I wonder if God smiles bigger when he hears His children loudly singing praises from the pew.  (I know I do! It’s one of the best parts of my job here at Immanuel.) I also have the pleasure of working with and seeing students I’ve taught through the years use their developing musical talents to His glory in Immanuel’s worship services as they sing, play instruments, and more.

Scroll down to read about current and upcoming events in general music and choir classes below.  Also, head over the MUSIC  section (drop down under SCHOOL) to learn about classroom choirs, Chancel Choir, Chancel Ringers and Handbells, Band, Musicals, and more.

Some "Notes" from Music Classes at ILS:

All Ages -- This year is certainly a different one due to restrictions with COVID19 and extra procedures for safety--but there is SO MUCH we can still do to enjoy and learn about God's gift of music!  While we learn and make music during this time, students wear masks and follow recommended safety and sanitizing protocols.  This year every student even has their own labeled individual percussion kit (who knew you could make music with pool noodle scrapers, clearance rack plastic Easter eggs, and segments of sump pump hose?)

In many music/choir classes students learn some of the songs and hymns that are used in Immanuel’s worship services which helps them be ready to participate more fully in praising our Lord. Below is a link with titles of many of the hymns and songs we're using throughout the 2020-21 school year.

20-21 Chapel Hymn and Songs

Kindergartners will meet a puppet named Marvin to help them learn more about their speaking, singing, whispering and calling voices.  They’ll play singing games such as “Three Little Muffins”, “Pumpkin Stew”, and “We Are Going Down the Numbers” to practice steady beat and learn how to take turns and work together.

First Graders will be studying various musical elements such as fast/slow, loud/soft, and high/low. They’ll have fun learning with songs such as “Grizzly Bear”, “A Tisket, A Tasket”, “The Old Gray Cat”, and “I’m Locked in a Candy Store”.

Second Graders will learn about pitch, rhythm, and tempo in music.  They'll use xylophones and rhythm instruments to play along with “Bounce High, Bounce Low” as they study the pitches mi, so and la. They'll also have fun working in groups and creating movements to go with a rhythmic poem called “Spider, Spider”.

Third Graders will experience first-hand how changing tone color and tempo can really effect the style of a song as they compare sections of “Variations on the Theme ‘Pop Goes the Weasel'”.  It  is surprising to hear the section with this children’s tune was played in a sad style!  “Long Legged Sailor”, “Down by the River”, and “Lost My Shoe” are several other songs that these students will have had fun learning with during class.

In Fourth Grade, it’s usually time for recorders-but we're holding off until at least third quarter (or until deemed safe to do so) to begin.  Students have been using Boomwhackers and personal rhythm instrument bags to practice pitches and learn new rhythms.

Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Grade students are embarking on a new adventure--playing ukuleles!  We're learning so much about chords, strumming patterns, and how songs are put together (you can play a LOT of songs even when you only know 5 chords!)  We work/learn together as a group and also use materials posted in our Google Music Classroom to practice individually.  Favorite play along songs include "The Lava Song" and "Best Day of My Life".  We're having a GREAT time and learning so much.

Eighth Grade students learn with Mrs. Becker for their music class and also have the option to play ukulele with Mrs. Bartelt in a "UKE Can Do It" after school class with Mrs. Bartelt.

Helpful Links & Resources from the Teacher

Check in your student's MUSIC Google Classroom for links to music websites, videos, virtual instruments, songs from class, and ideas for composing and improvising.

You might also consider having your student try some inexpensive apps we've used in class to practice note names and rhythms:

  • Flashnote Derby
  • NoteWorks
  • Rhythm Swing

Music Photo Gallery

Below are some various photos of the class and all things involving music. Have some pictures you would like to share? For any questions or concerns involving photos, please contact the teacher. Each teacher is responsible for managing all of the photos contained within their own classroom galleries.