If you need to set up an account, please email or call for our unique online code.  If you have any questions, please contact Amanda DeMarsh via email at or call Erin at 847-772-4792.



In addition to the overwhelming congregational support our school receives, we encourage individuals to partner with our ministry, keeping Immanuel’s tradition of excellent education strong. Those who partner with Immanuel can provide support through prayer, volunteering, gifts in kind and monetary donations. Partners in Education (PIE) provides ongoing annual support for our school ministry which has included

  • financial aid
  • technology
  • special projects
  • day to day operations

To give an online gift, please click here.  For more information, please contact our Principal, Kevin Becker here.

What is Manna? Manna is a fundraising program that offers individual gift certificates to many businesses. Immanuel families have the opportunity to pre-order gift cards online or by submitting a paper form to the school or church. Each gift card will earn a percentage of profit, as shown on the order sheet. Please visit the Manna website at for the current gift cards available. Online ordering and payment is also available, please contact us for your sign on information and follow the online instructions.
You can choose how you want to have your profit spent. Please make sure to clearly state whether you are contributing to Church, Tuition/PTL, ALL PTL, Youth, or Scholarship.
How do you purchase Manna? Manna may be purchased by preorder only, either via paper orders or online by noon on the Sunday of our order date. Manna paper orders and payments can be turned in at the main school office, via kiddie mail, or to the church office. Online orders with online payments must be submitted by noon on Sunday, for delivery by Wednesday.
It is very important that you please indicate on your Manna order form or notes section online where you would like your Manna preorder to be delivered. If your Manna order is not delivered on time, please call or email us immediately.
Please note that Manna orders will be delivered to Preschool, Main School Office, and Church Office.  Make sure to mark your choice of delivery location when you order.
What if I lost my Manna cards? Manna is exactly like cash. We cannot replace lost cards. If they are not working, please let us know ASAP!
When will I receive credit for my Manna purchases? We will credit your tuition account to reflect your last tuition payment in May. Manna statements will be emailed to your email address on file. Please contact Amanda DeMarsh with any email address changes.


Welcome to the Immanuel Manna Program!

Our organization is registered with the Raise Right Organization, but now it is your turn to register your family! Follow these four easy steps as you navigate the website.  Thanks for your involvement and your help.

1. Please contact Amanda DeMarsh  for the unique enrollment code which you will need to finish registration.

2. Click 'Join an Existing Program.'

3. Enter our organization's unique enrollment code.

4. Fill in all the required information to register.

Thanks so much for helping our Preschool and Day School through the Manna Ministry.  If you have any questions or need any help or just want to know more about what this ministry provides for our church and school, please contact us.

Amanda, Brittany, and Erin

Contact Amanda or Erin at 847-772-4792 with any questions.

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Parents and families who support our school musicians really make a difference! We are truly thankful for the parents and family members who transport students to early morning rehearsals and performances, encourage students to practice at home, attend performances, and support our musical groups in a wide variety of ways. Here at Immanuel, parents of gr. 5-8 extra-curricular music activity participants are considered a part of “Supporting Notes,” which supports Immanuel's band, chorus, and handbells/handchimes. Directors may reach out throughout the year to parents with specific needs-but if you have a specific way that you'd like to offer to help, please contact one of us. Families can also support these groups by participating in our annual Hanging Basket and Planter Sale each Spring.


In early spring, Immanuel's school band, chorus and bell/chime students sell florist quality plants just in time for your spring porch decorating and Mother's Day gifts.  Proceeds from these sales provide additional funds for necessities such as new music for the various groups, equipment such as handbell gloves and music stands, festival fees, student recognition awards and much more.  Recent profits from this successful sale have allowed us to offer students the ability to participate in the music group activities with no annual "group participation fee".