We Love Immanuel Lutheran School!

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Our children have had a wonderful experience, the teachers have supported them to realize their potential, they have become more confident, and they are ready to conquer the world! - Dorthy M.

The teachers model for my child, what we believe to be the truest example of what a modern day disciple of Christ is - showing unwavering love, forgiveness, and mentorship through the good days and the not so good days. - Robin M.

Immanuel goes above and beyond to support us, pray for us, and show they care time and again! - Erin L.

I can’t begin to express the gratitude and love I have for the staff Immanuel Lutheran School East Dundee from aides and support staff to the teachers and preachers! Your impact on my children was not only foundational, but also eternal. The simple words I share could never encompass all you mean to my family and I. - Jamie H.