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Pray for Our Projects

We are so excited to share the love of Jesus as we Serve and Shine in our community. We want to ask God that our efforts would be blessed by Him for maximum impact!


We are so excited to join with other churches from all across the Northern Illinois District as part of the Shine 2023 service event!

Take a look at this video from our Big Serve and see what things might look like this year! 

Dundee Township

Our Community

As we Serve and Shine in 2023 we are intentionally reaching into the communities of the Fox River Valley. We look forward to seeing what God will do as #immanuelserves

Serving Our Neighbors

Residents in the Fox River Valley

As #immanuelserves we want to reach as many people with the love of Christ in our Fox River Valley Community!

Days of Service

Immanuel is joining with churches across the Northern Illinois District of the LCMS to participate in service projects that SHINE the light of Christ.

Project Goal

We want to make a huge impact on our community, so we are setting our goals high for the number of projects we'd like to complete during the 2023 shine event!

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