Week 3


Welcome to Week 3

Watch this video first!

This is our opening video each week where we will introduce new songs, the lessons for the week, and some different challenges for you to try!

God Sightings

This week look for someone who helps you be bold!

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Go for the BOLD

This week we are discovering amazing things about Jesus' power and how Jesus' power helps us be Bold!

Begin by reading through the "Go for the Bold" activity on page 20 of your Tracking with Jesus book and talking about how willing you would be to do the things on the lists at the bottom of the page.

Then, as a family, read the story about Peter in "Born to be Bold" (p.22-26) in your Tracking with Jesus book.

Born to be Bold

Today's story started with someone who couldn't walk. Take the smallest family member and see what it may have been like for the man, by carrying them across the room, then setting them down.

In Jesus' day you would need a lot of help if you couldn't walk. Often you would not be able to have a job and would have to rely on the kindness of others as you asked them for money. Today however, this man received more than he expected - thanks to the bold actions of Peter!

  • What did Peter boldly give the man, instead of money?
  • How does that gift compare to silver or gold? Why?
  • How did Jesus' power help that man be bold?

Share Faith Stories

Peter and John were so bold that it's like their bold had superpowers! Their boldness was so big and their message about Jesus was so powerful that the Bible says that 5,000 men believed in Jesus that day. Wow! That doesn't even count women or children who might have heard and believed! That shows just how powerful it is to tell someone about Jesus.

  • Who has boldly told you about Jesus - and who could you tell?

Close by praying, "Jesus, thank you for always being with us. It's comforting to know we're never alone. When we feel like we're the only ones who believe in you. When we feel like we're the only ones facing tough stuff. You're right beside us, giving us your power and boldness. We love you and thank you. In your name, Amen.


Jesus Power Helps us be Bold!

  • Today we meet Lauren, who trusts Jesus to help her boldly share his love.  What would be some great things about serving in a community kitchen like Lauren?
  • Jesus' power helped Lauren to be bold and brave in serving people who were less fortunate.
    • Have you ever wanted to help someone, but felt weak or powerless?
    • Jesus gives us His power so we can be bold!

Questions for Preschoolers

  • What do you think it would be like to serve food to hungry people?
  • What would you like about it? Is there anything you wouldn't like?
    • The Bible reminds us that Jesus' power helps us be bold!

Explore the Bible

Isaiah 40:29 - "He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless."

What a great verse! Jesus' power gives us boldness we wouldn't have on our own. With Jesus' power we can boldly serve and help someone else, just like Lauren did.


Try This At Home

  • Show your family members how the Bold Blaster bounces way higher than expected.
  • Say that Jesus' power can help us be way more bold than we ever thought possible.
  • We can be bold in our faith - and tell others about Jesus - because we have Jesus' power to help us!
  • Like Isaiah 40:29 says, "He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless."

Game 1 - BOLD Bops

Supplies Needed

Beach Balls (or Other Large Lightweight Balls) & Music


  1. Have your family stand in a circle, with a ball.
  2. When you start the music, toss the ball into the air to begin.
  3. Your family should work together to bop the ball into the air without letting it fall to the ground.
  4. Count each time the ball is bopped into the air. If the ball falls, the count will start over.
  5. Challenge your family to get to 20 or more successful bops.

Wrap Up Questions

  • What were some bold moves we made as we played?
  • How did encouraging words from one another help you be bold?

Being bold can be hard all on your own, but teamwork and encouraging friends can make it easier. Jesus can help us through the encouraging words of others. Jesus' Power Helps Us Be Bold!

Game 2 - Help the Conductors

Supplies Needed

Small stuffed animal


  1. Stand in a line with your family, designating the front of the line as the engine and the back as the caboose.
  2. Give a stuffed animal to the first person in the line. Show your kids how to pass the "conductor" down the line by alternating between passing it over their heads and through their legs.
  3. When the "conductor" gets to the caboose, have the caboose move to the front to become the engine and start again. Repeating till everyone has had the opportunity to be the engine and the caboose.

In this game, the conductors needed help going to the end of the train. Sometimes we need help going to tell people about Jesus' love. But Jesus is always there to help us. Remember, Jesus' Power Helps Us Be Bold!


Supplies Needed

Mini Marshmallows, Butter, Cocoa Crispy rice cereal, Oreo Cookies, Black Gel Food Coloring


Use this recipe (link below) for making your own Coal Crunch this week!

Coal Crunch Recipe

Bible Point Reminder

Our snack today looks like coal that gives power to trains and makes them move! There are a lot of things that give us power - like a yummy snack - but Jesus' power gives us the most power.

Jesus power helps us be bold!