Stephen Ministry

Stephen_MinistryLogoThe Stephen Ministry program is a complete system of training and organizing lay persons in the church for caring ministry in and around our congregation. Stephen Ministers provide help and hope to a care receiver in a confidential relationship as a spiritual friend. They meet with their care receiver at least once a week for a period of time that serves a specific need.

There are many ways a Stephen Minister may be of help. Everyone goes through periods of difficulty or crisis at times.  Having someone who cares enough to listen can ease these experiences of confusion, stress, or loneliness. No problem is too small or insignificant to receive care. This is Christ-care from the heart of the church that is effective, intentional, and appropriate.

Anyone desiring a Stephen Minister should contact the pastors to discuss this possibility because Stephen Ministry and pastoral care work hand in hand. The Stephen ministry relationship is confidential. Once a Stephen Minister is assigned to someone, that relationship continues as long as there is a need and draws to a close when the Stephen Minister and care receiver agree.  What a blessing Stephen Ministry is to Immanuel.