PRESCHOOL (PK3)- Mrs. Polit


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About Mrs. Polit

My name is Linda Polit and I have been teaching at Immanuel since 2018.  I just love the family feel of this school and all the great work they do.  I have a B.S. in education and 14+ years of experience in education.  I am married and have two children, two grandchildren, and two dogs.

Classroom Overview

Immanuel’s preschool utilizes a pre-kindergarten curriculum throughout PK3 and PK4, with a concentration on readiness skills such as fine motor and gross motor skills, print awareness, phonics and math awareness. Daily activities include manipulatives, arts and crafts, circle time, free play, snack and table time.

Current Notes from the Teacher

Welcome to a new and exciting year of preschool!  We are working very hard to create an interesting and exciting learning environment for your child.  I believe that "hands on" learning is extremely important for young learners.  Each day we will have time to learn something new and work on our skills as they improve.  We will be learning our alphabet and numbers to 20 alongside our gross and fine motor skills.  Social skills will be our biggest area of learning as we go from a home setting to a school setting and learn to follow directions, be kind to our friends, share and learn about Jesus.


Helpful Links & Resources from the Teacher

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