Music – Program Overview

Immanuel has a Comprehensive, Rewarding, & Fulfilling Music Program

Here at Immanuel, we not only value and teach the language of music, we value and pursue an even greater calling — to serve and worship our God. All of us — teachers, parents, and students alike — have been called to use our talents and to use them in a way that brings honor and glory to God.

And while we may not offer instruction on the harp or the ram’s horn, each of our musical ensembles and every one of our groups’ directors share five goals, which form the heart of Immanuel’s music program. The shared goals of the musical ensembles here at Immanuel are:

  • to bring glory and honor to God
  • to help each child discover and maximize his/her God-given musical talents
  • to develop ensembles that will enrich the educational experience
  • to strive for excellence within each musical group
  • to create an environment within each group that encourages creativity, cooperation, and a commitment for work

Upper Grade Music Ensembles at Immanuel

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Our Commitment to You

As directors of the musical ensembles here at Immanuel, we promise not only to strive to meet the goals listed above, but also to be fair in our treatment of each student within each of the ensembles. Students who participate in music ensembles are asked to put forth their best efforts and be faithful in both rehearsal and performance participation. Click on the link below to access the Attendance Policy and Covenant for Music Ensembles (band, chorus, and bell/chimes) which is to be signed at the beginning of each school year by the participating student musician and a parent.

Attendance Policy & Covenant for Gr. 5-8 Musical Ensembles


Music Opportunities at ILS