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Meet Mrs. Bartelt

Meet Mrs. Bartelt

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My name is Mrs. Kris Bartelt.  I love sharing God’s gift of music with the children and adults at Immanuel.  In addition to teaching general music classes, I am also blessed to work with children’s and adult choirs and musicals, plan for/play/sing at church worship services, make music with handbell ringers and other instrumentalists and vocalists.  
When not tending to my Immanuel responsibilities, I enjoy spending time with my family, walking our dog, reading, working in my yard, and eating dark chocolate.

Classroom Overview

Immanuel students have many opportunities to learn about, experience and create music during general music time and classroom choir times each week. As “The Music Lady” I strive to immerse my students in “all things music” through music curriculum related activities such as: movement, playing instruments, singing, dancing, listening, studying, creating, interpreting, and the like. Together, the students and I  have much fun and make plenty of “joyful noises” as we learn about God’s world through His gift of music. It is my goal to expose my students to a wide variety of musical styles, techniques, history, and more–giving them a cache of experiences that will provide a solid foundation for whatever their music future holds. In addition, as a teacher in a Christian School that is part of our church’s ministry, I have the joy of teaching children about worshipping our Lord through music, and intentionally teach and utilize hymns and songs that are a part of Immanuel’s corporate worship services. I wonder if God smiles bigger when he hears His children loudly singing praises from the pew.  (I know I do! It’s one of the best parts of my job here at Immanuel.) I also have the pleasure of working with and seeing students I’ve taught through the years use their developing musical talents to His glory in Immanuel’s worship services as they sing, play instruments, and more.  What a joy to see students using their God-given musical abilities! After reading about recent events in general music and choir classes below, click on the other music related tabs to learn about musicals, bands, hand bell groups, and kids’ choirs at Immanuel.

Notes from the Teacher


All Grades–Our school theme this year is “It’s Still All About Jesus”, and we’re focusing on Hebrews 13:8. Click on the link below for lyrics for the song created to help students put this verse and theme in their heads and hearts.  You’ll also find lyrics to other recent theme songs.

Throughout each school year, students also learn/become familiar with hymns and songs regularly used in Immanuel’s worship services in order to help them participate actively in singing praises to our Lord.   Hymns and songs from a suggested list are often used in chapel worship services and choir classes.  Titles being used this school year can be found in the document at the bottom of the list.

It’s Still All About Jesus based on Hebrews 13:8 (2017-18 theme verse song)

Put It On!-based on Colossians 3:12 and 14 (2016-17 theme verse song)

Isaiah 40:31-based on 2015-16 theme verse

2017-18 Hymns and Songs for Chapel


Kindergarteners have enjoyed visits from a puppet named Marvin who helps them learn to sing out with confidence.  They recently spent time making music and learning about pitch by using boomwhackers–plastic tubes that are hit to make various notes of the scale.  Recent favorite songs include “Stamping Land”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, and “Engine, Engine, Number 9” .


First Graders are studying musical instruments used in the classic tale “Peter and the Wolf”.  Like the Kindergarten students they’ve used the boomwhackers and Marvin to learn about pitch–especially focusing on so and mi.


Second Graders are learning about pitch and rhythm in music class.  Recently they’ve played a singing game called “Here Comes a Bluebird” and have learned about the dotted half note and songs with three beats in a measure like “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”.  We’ll even try to dance a little “Minuet” soon.


Third Graders just finished learning about classical symphony orchestra instruments as presented in “Carnival of the Animals”.  They especially enjoyed matching the music they heard to the title of individual selections such as the “The Swan” and “The Cuckoo”. They then practiced identifying the sounds of orchestra instruments by playing a lively game of instrument bingo.


Many Fourth Grade students have chosen to take knowledge gained while playing recorder and apply it to playing a band instrument.  During music classes they’ve recently used boomwhackers on “The Color Shuffle” and practiced steps, skips and repeated tones by playing a fun game called “Melody Baseball”.


Fifth Grade Students spent several classes creating a short melody/rhythm with recorder, notating it, and then used Garage Band on the iPads to record their new composition.  To accomplish this task they relied on a wide variety of musical skills learned over the years–and they reached their goal which much success.


In Sixth Grade students recently finished a keyboard instrument unit which included a watching a historical fiction video called “Bach’s Flight for Freedom” and  “field trip” to learn more about Immanuel’s Cassavant organ in the church sanctuary.  Besides learning specific details about the “King of Instruments” and hearing the variety of sounds and pitches it can produce, each student had the opportunity to sit on the bench and experience what it feels like to play the organ!


Seventh Graders are studying about pitches in the scale, most recently by playing “Ode to Joy” with Garage Band on the classroom iPads.  They are currently watching a video about the life and music of Beethoven, and will soon begin studying common chord structures to prepare for the “Taste of Guitar” unit.

Helpful Links & Resources from the Teacher

Try these inexpensive apps from music classes to practice note names and rhythms:

Flashnote Derby


Rhythm Swing

Music Class Photo Gallery

Click on the right and left arrows in the picture below to see a fun sampling of Immanuel students making and enjoying music.   Have some pictures you would like to share? For any questions or concerns involving photos, please contact Mrs. Bartelt. (Each teacher is responsible for managing all of the photos contained within their own classroom galleries.)