Class Offerings

Day School Classes
Students in our Lutheran Day School receive confirmation instruction as a part of their daily religion curriculum.

Mid-week Classes
Students who do not attend Immanuel Lutheran School receive weekly instruction on Wednesday nights from 5:30-6:30pm at Church.

Confirmation Ministry

Confirmation at Immanuel provides the opportunity for youth to explore what it means to be a Christian, a Lutheran and a member of a local church. Through confirmation our youth will learn much about their faith and will be able to ask questions to help them better understand the life of faith God is calling them to. This is their chance to develop their own understanding of their faith and beliefs independently.

First Year Confirmation

First year studies are based on study of scripture.

Second Year Confirmation

Second year studies are based on Luther’s Small Catechism and scripture.

Third Year Confirmation

Third year studies work to combine both of the previous years and focus on how it will play out in students’ lives as they live in an increasingly diverse community and world.

Each spring, our Third Year Confirmands have the opportunity to share about their faith with the congregation at our witnessing service which is held at 6pm on the Saturday before Palm Sunday.

Third year confirmands receive communion for the first time the following week, on Maundy Thursday of their third year, after a short refresher study about the practice of holy communion.