5th Grade – Mr. Becker

Meet Mr. Becker

Meet Mr. Becker

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Classroom Overview

Fifth grade will begin the adaptation process to the junior high floor in our building. We will focus on God and His word – love it, learn it, and live it. Throughout the year we will see a million dollars, learn a thousand facts, do hundreds of acts of kindness, and worship one true God.

Current Notes

Helpful Links & Resources from the Teacher

Every now and then some links will get posted below which you may find helpful.

Vocabulary – Earn rice for third world countries! Multiplication Facts Game – Choose Level 1 or Level 2 Funbrain Websukoku The Blue Book of Grammar – Grammar help is here! National Center for Education Statistics – Create a graph, play a game, explore your knowledge Thinking Fountain A-Z – Great ideas for the science fair, or just for fun! Girls Go Tech – Informational and fun site designed by Girl Scouts to keep girls involved in science and engineering careers. Teachers First Twister II – Brain twisters for middle schoolers. Astronomy Picture of the Day The Why Files – A great site for current events! Learn how science is everywhere. Strange Matter – Discover the secrets of everyday stuff! Grammar Blast – Have a blast with Grammar Blast! Answer 10 questions and earn up to 100 game points.

5th Grade Photo Gallery

Below are some various photos of the class and all things involving 5th Grade. Have some pictures you would like to share? For any questions or concerns involving photos, please contact the teacher. Each teacher is responsible for managing all of the photos contained within their own classroom galleries.