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Meet Mrs. Heinz

Meet Mrs. Heinz

(PK3) Teacher
Admissions Director

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My name is Julia Heinz and I serve Immanuel as PK3 teacher and Director of Admissions and Early Childhood Education.  After earning my teaching degree from Valparaiso University and working with a variety of ages, I can say I love teaching preschool the most!  I live in Dundee with my husband and three children and am the only one in our household who did not attend Immanuel.  Our kids are the fifth generation in my husband’s family to attend ILS!  I feel so fortunate to be part of this ministry and to work with our amazing preschoolers and their families.

Classroom Overview

Immanuel’s preschool utilizes a pre-kindergarten curriculum throughout PK3 and PK4, with a concentration on readiness skills such as fine motor and gross motor skills, print awareness, phonics and math awareness. Daily activities include manipulatives, arts and crafts, circle time, free play, snack and table time.

Current Notes from the Teacher:

This week will be focused on the letters C and K, both of which make the /k/ sound.  Look out for lots of talk about clouds as we read about them and do our own creative cloud art.

Jesus time will center on the study of Joshua, who obeyed God’s direction to walk around Jericho with his people and then make a loud noise.  The big walls of Jericho can tumbling down!  That wasn’t because of the power of the noise or the walking around, but because of the power of God!  We know our God is powerful!

Next week is fire prevention week so we will visit with reps from the East Dundee fire department and we hope they will bring one of their big trucks too.  Talk to your child about getting out safe in the event of a fire- stay low and get out!  Having a meeting spot at the neighbor’s front door, or a nearby landmark is a great idea.


As the weather can vary, please send a sweatshirt or jacket each day and help your child become more independent in getting it on and fastened, please.


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