Music – Musicals

Upper Grade Musical

In October of 2017 many of Immanuel’s Gr. 5-8 students worked together to present the musical “Willy Wonka”.  We had a wonderful time entering a “world of pure imagination” as we followed the adventures of five kids who’d discovered a golden ticket in their Wonka Bars!


Lower Grade Musical

In May of 2017 students in grades 1-4 presented “Not Your Average Joe”– an “adapted” version of the story of Joseph from the Old Testament– complete with some old time rock n roll music, a beach with surfer dudes riding in a “woody wagon”, and even a diner with fries and shakes.  It was an exciting and fun-filled performance during which we learned so much!  This age group will perform a musical again in the spring of 2019.


The Kindergarten Welcome

In addition, each school year our kindergarten students learn songs, recitations and more to share at their annual Kindergarten Performance. In May of 2017 Immanuel’s Kindergartners performed an alphabet themed show-which included favorites such as “My Mother Is a Baker”, “Albuquerque Turkey”, “Pizza Hut”, and “A, B, C You Later”.  What a joy it was to watch those little ones sing, dance, tell jokes,  and share their newly learned skills.  Great job, students–and thanks to Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. DeWitt for their wonderful leadership!  Thanks for demonstrating how you have “grown up” as you’ve progressed through the months of kindergarten.


The 2017-18  kindergarten students are singing throughout the months of this school year to prepare for the Kindergarten Welcome performance scheduled for Friday, May 18th at 6:00 p.m.

Preschool Program

Each year,  Immanuel’s PK students perform a special program featuring their singing,  dancing, new knowledge and smiles that receives rave reviews from parents, grandparents and friends.  This year’s PK students performed a spring program entitled “All Day Long” in early April.  (Thanks to our teachers and classroom aides who work so diligently to help these little ones shine and share what they’re learning.)