Manna Program


Welcome to the Immanuel Manna Program. We appreciate this opportunity to introduce to you a great and easy way to contribute to PTL and your own child’s tuition.

Manna Order Form

What is Manna?

Manna is a fundraising program that offers individual gift certificates to many businesses. Immanuel families have the opportunity to pre-order gift cards online or by submitting a paper form to the school. Each gift card will earn a percentage of profit, as shown on the order sheet. Please visit the Manna web site at for the current gift cards and vendor list available. Online ordering and payment is also available, please contact us for your sign on information and follow the online instructions.

Manna Guidelines 2013 Online Manna Ordering Instructions

Where does the profit go?
If you are using Manna to support Tuition/PTL, then the profit is split 50/50 between the two. PTL pays all the fees associated with the Manna program. The 50 percent that goes to tuition is held until the end of the year and is then applied to your tuition. You can choose where you want to have your profit spent. Please look at the order form if you are interested in contributing to Church, Tuition/PTL, ALL PTL, or Scholarship.

In the case of students who are not returning to Immanuel, your profit can be gifted to another family, or designated to Church, PTL, or Scholarship.

How do you purchase Manna?

Manna may be purchased by preorder only. Manna preorders can be turned in at the main school office or sent to school with your child. All paper Manna preorders/payments received by Thursday will be filled and delivered by the following Wednesday. Online orders with online payments can be submitted by noon on Sunday, for delivery by Wednesday.

It is very important that you please indicate on your Manna order form/notes section online where you would like your Manna preorder to be delivered. If your Manna order is not delivered on time, please call/email us immediately.

Please note that we deliver Manna preorders to the main school office, and not directly to the classrooms of grades 1 – 8. If your child will be picking up from the Main School Office, Kindergarten classroom, or Preschool, we do require that each family participating in the Manna Program have a completed Manna Registration Form on file with us.

2013-2014 Manna Registration Disclaimer

What if I lost my Manna cards?

Manna is exactly like cash. We cannot replace lost cards. If they are not working, there is normally a phone number or web site on the back of the card to help you sort out the problem.

When will I receive credit for my Manna purchases?

We will credit your tuition account to reflect your last tuition payment in May. Manna statements will be emailed to your email address on file. Please contact Sandy Wall with any email address changes.

Have Additional Questions?

Please e-mail Sandy Wall if you have additional questions or would like more information.