Hot Lunch Program

Hot Lunch Program

Aramark Food Service® provides for Immanuel’s hot lunch program. Menus come pre-set from the Aramark® office. Immanuel offers two “hot” entrée options each day. In addition, we offer a cold sandwich option daily, either ham or turkey and cheese or PBJ. The full tray lunch includes one entree and two sides (can be a fruit and veggie, two fruits or two veggies). Parents deposit money into the child’s hot lunch account and charges are deducted when the child buys lunch. Students are able to choose their entree in the morning and may also purchase extras such as juice or pretzels. Please watch for any information in the weekly School Newsletter regarding hot lunch.

IML Lunch Feb 2018

Hot Lunch March 2018 (002)

Lunch Program Pricing

As stated above, you can view the current month\’s menu to view the current lunch options. The table below displays the pricing for student lunches.

Full Tray Lunch (Entree + fruit and vegetable)


Entree only


Cold Sandwich (Turkey/Cheese, Ham/Cheese or PBJ)


Chips (Baked Lays, pretzels, popcorn)


Fruit Snacks


Cereal Bars (Quaker/Nutrigrain)


Fruit side


Vegetable side


Ice Cream Bars (yogurt, fruit bars)


100% Fruit Juice Bottles Lg./ Sm.


Water Bottles



Lunch Money Info

Lunch money can be brought in by your student in an envelope marked with student’s name  – Hot Lunch Money.  Checks  payable to Immanuel Hot Lunch.

Policy Concerning Overdue Accounts

Every effort will be made to keep parents up to date on the status of their child’s hot lunch account. Email notices are sent home regularly – PLEASE help keep the account current. When a negative balance reaches  $30.00, an email will be sent home from the school office.